Posted on: November 15, 2011 5:43 pm

How long do we let this go on?

So Penn State is now "toxic" to many bowls because the feeling is that PSU fans won't travel with the cloud over the program. I knew that bowls picked teams in large part because of how many hotel rooms the team would help fill. But if "every week is a playoff"(their words, not mine), and bowls are a "reward" my question becomes....reward for who? The teams, the players, or the cities? The BCS and all bowls are a farce and I am growing very tired of this charade. At what point does this system fall into the organized crime category? We never get to have a George Mason story or a Butler story in NCAAF because of this bowl mafia. Unpaid players(I know they get scholarships, but the rewards they earn for their coaches when they reach the postseason are monetary, and often well into 5 or even 6 figures) bust their @ss#s expecting to at least be treated fairly and get slotted where they earned only to find out because team A can sell 5,000 more tickets than their school can they get shuffled down the line...or worse yet the actions of people on campus years ago make them less desirable. Yes, there are some safeguards in place if you win a division or X amount of games but they do not assure a team of playing in the bowl game it earned on the field. How did this sport get to this? It's a horrible system where greedy men in crappy plaid jackets decide who gets to play for the championship or for millions of dollars instead of hundreds of thousands because of the potential to sell hotel rooms. It makes me sicker every time I think about it. I've gotten to where I don't watch MLB and the NBA anymore. The NFL barely interests me and it's because they are all just greedy money grabs that cost Joe Fan more and more for less and less every year.
This is the only sport that doesn't use a playoff. THE ONLY SPORT. And all because some enterprising Gents way back when decided to fill a void(and hotel rooms) created by the lack of structure in the sport. We're a century removed from those days. The NCAA is in place now. It runs championships for EVERY OTHER sport it presides over.

Accept no more of the party line.
Accept no more excuses.

Occupy the BCS!

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Posted on: September 26, 2011 6:43 pm

Week 4 bits and pieces

* Maryland needs to put those fancy uniforms in the closet and concentrate on blocking and tackling. I would lock all of those combinations away for now, and have a road and a home uniform. Period. Win some games, play solid football. Then we can discuss uniforms. Geeeez!

* While I do think that LSU has the best resume of the top schools for the #1 ranking, I hear people talk how nobody has run the gauntlet like LSU has. I say...not so fast my friend. Arizona has just finished a stretch of: @ Okie State, home vs Stanford and home vs Oregon. Thats 3 in a row vs top 11(at worst, as one poll has Oregon @ #9 as of this post)...pretty daunting schedule. Not the kind of stretch a coach on a gradually warming seat could love.

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Posted on: September 5, 2011 7:19 pm

Conference expansion

I hope the SEC doesn't go beyond 12, but looks like that is all but done now. The Aggies will probably get an invite here soon.

I loved the idea of a "super conference" a few weeks ago but then I looked at the logistics of it. As it is now in a 12 team conference you miss playing 3 teams in every year. How conferences decide the procedure decides whether you see 3 teams every 2 years or have a permanent opponent and then rotate 2 others on a staggered schedule. This is difficult enough. Add 2 more teams and this system doesn't work so well. Add 4 more teams and scheduling becomes a nightmare. If you have 7 teams in your division, do you play them all? If so, then you have to go to 9 or even 10 conference games. There's no way to justify playing 7 division games + 1 permanent opponent and avoid 7 conference teams every year. So you go to 9 or 10 conference games. Now what? 7 divisional games and who else? A permanent opponent and a rotating opponent? You still avoid playing a large chunk of your own conference for years. Thats no good. Or do you play 6 division games + whatever else you decide for the other division? If the SEC adds A&M and Florida State( or Clemson, Va Tech, or whoever) I want to see those teams, not have them locked away from my stadium by scheduling and never played for years unless in a championship game.

Mark Cuban wrote in his blog(
y-no-to-super-conferences/) about why the Big 12 should try and hold steady. I like his ideas mainly for the non conference scheduling. Mega conferences will shut down national games of importance down to almost zero. And that, from a fans perspective, stinks. So does the idea of only seeing 60-62% of your own conference every football season.

If the whole super conference idea leads to a playoff, a real 8 or 16 team playoff, then I would sacrifice some conference games and sectional matchups because you could see those other good teams in a big time setting. But super conferences and the BCS? Big mistake in my eyes. And one that the powers that be are apparently going to shove down our it or not.

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Posted on: September 5, 2011 6:12 pm

More week 1 thoughts

The PAC 12 looks like it will be down. Granted, I'm an LSU fan, but Oregon looked WAY overrated at #3. More like #15 I'd say. My 2nd favorite team, UW, looked shaky in barely beating EWU by 3. USC struggled to maintain focus and it almost cost them at home vs a bad Minnesota squad. Oregon St. was stunned at home by.... Sacramento State? UCLA lost @ Houston(while losing to Houston in and of itself isn't that stunning, here's a note to UCLA fans....get a new coach. I watched Rick ruin the Huskies with his kumbaya crap). The Arizona teams fared OK in week 1, Cal and WSU looked good enough(but the Cougs lost Jeff Tuel for a good chunk of the season...major blow) and Colorado lost @ Hawaii.

The B1G looked solid at the top. Wisconsin, Ohio St., Nebraska and Penn St. rolled to nice wins. Sparty looked sluggish in beating Youngstown and Michigan won their 7 inning game over WMU. Illinois and Iowa also had good wins, but Indiana lost to Ball St and Purdue nearly lost at home vs MTSU. Biggest surprise to me was Northwestern winning at BC without Persa. This conference is pretty well loaded with quality teams and I expect a fun year watching B1G football.

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Posted on: September 4, 2011 7:13 pm

Things I think I learned week 1

#1  I am not a fan whatsoever of the blue turf, but Boise St is making a believer out of me that they can play big time football. Their schedule is still below average in overall strength but when they play the big guys, they look like they belong. So...they belong. In the national conversation, in the BCS(hell, I'd give them Notre Dame's place if they make top 8 or 12 RIGHT NOW), and perhaps soon in the PAC-12+4.

#2   Speaking of the PAC-12, let the Big 12 be a lesson to all of you kids out there who want to be a Commisioner one day. Conferences are equal partnerships. When that league formed I was impressed with the way they sacrificed a rivalry like Nebraska-Oklahoma for scheduling equality as opposed to what the SEC does with permanent opponents. But when Texas was allowed to get a bigger slice of the pie to keep them in the league, that situation was bound to create animosity. And it did. Quickly. B12 North teams better get on the phones soon because that league will be a footnote in NCAA lore soon. The Horns and Sooners are going west within 2 seasons. Who goes with them? Texas Tech? Okie State? Boise? That's the biggest mystery left here.

#3   Defensive statements made by my Tigers and Bama. They showed they have top notch D's again this year vs totally different caliber opponents. LSU owned the line of scrimmage vs Oregon, shutting down James and company and making Thomas look like a rattled high schooler at times. The Tide just flat out wouldn't let Kent St think for a minute they could move the ball with any consistency. They had 4 ints(1 turned into Kent's only points) and lost a fumble but never let the Flashes gain momentum. Both teams have issues at QB, but I would rather have a shaky QB over a shaky D 100 times out of 100(that being said I would prefer to have come out of Saturday's game feeling confident in my QB)). You can hide a QB's deficiencies behind a strong line and by scheme. There is no hiding a shaky D. Now to Bama's immediate south they seemed to have BOTH a shaky D and a shaky new QB...

#4   As for Auburn and other SEC teams. You miss Cam yet Gene? Yikes. I know USU gave Oklahoma all they wanted last year but the Aggies played 99% of that game as the better team. They won the battles at the line far more often than they should have considering overall size. They ran it right at Auburn and screen-passed and dump-offed the Tigers silly. Auburn's biggest games look for now to be Georgia and Clemson. Lose those 2 and they may stay home this off season. The Plainsmen may lose 6 of their next 7 if they don't fix some glaring issues. Georgia's waterloo is already week vs SCar. An 0-2 start could crush their spirit and the job of Mark Richt. Didn't see any of the Gamecocks game, but to spot a team 17 and win by 19 sounds impressive.
Saw about half of Kentucky...that was ugly.
As for who I didn't actually see:Arkansas seemed to be Arkansas vs Mo State from what I read. Ole Miss is in for a long year. Vanderbilt needed 3 4th down conversions to score 17 points out of their 45 vs Elon. Florida and Tennessee I'm gonna try and find a replay to watch.

#5   Uniform bastardization needs to stop! Oregon sported ZERO school colors in their Tron meets Halo uniforms. Georgia? Liked the helmet ok...The rest of it just was red overkill. Boise's were at least easier on the eyes....and I would love that logo on both sides of a helmet, either the white one or the blue one. Nike unveils what they came up with for LSU soon. I'm not hopeful that I'll like it. 

That's it for now. Will have some thought's on the B10 and PAC12 next time out.

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Posted on: September 4, 2011 5:41 pm


I am just a fan, not a professional writer. My team is LSU, but I will write about any team, any conference. I watch as much NCAA football as I can, watch replays or highlights when I want to specifically look at a team to form my own opinion. I'd say I watch anywhere from 15-40 games per week(thank you DVR!). So I think I have a pretty good idea of who looks good and why. So if you are here, thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy it and here we go.
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