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How long do we let this go on?

Posted on: November 15, 2011 5:43 pm
So Penn State is now "toxic" to many bowls because the feeling is that PSU fans won't travel with the cloud over the program. I knew that bowls picked teams in large part because of how many hotel rooms the team would help fill. But if "every week is a playoff"(their words, not mine), and bowls are a "reward" my question becomes....reward for who? The teams, the players, or the cities? The BCS and all bowls are a farce and I am growing very tired of this charade. At what point does this system fall into the organized crime category? We never get to have a George Mason story or a Butler story in NCAAF because of this bowl mafia. Unpaid players(I know they get scholarships, but the rewards they earn for their coaches when they reach the postseason are monetary, and often well into 5 or even 6 figures) bust their @ss#s expecting to at least be treated fairly and get slotted where they earned only to find out because team A can sell 5,000 more tickets than their school can they get shuffled down the line...or worse yet the actions of people on campus years ago make them less desirable. Yes, there are some safeguards in place if you win a division or X amount of games but they do not assure a team of playing in the bowl game it earned on the field. How did this sport get to this? It's a horrible system where greedy men in crappy plaid jackets decide who gets to play for the championship or for millions of dollars instead of hundreds of thousands because of the potential to sell hotel rooms. It makes me sicker every time I think about it. I've gotten to where I don't watch MLB and the NBA anymore. The NFL barely interests me and it's because they are all just greedy money grabs that cost Joe Fan more and more for less and less every year.
This is the only sport that doesn't use a playoff. THE ONLY SPORT. And all because some enterprising Gents way back when decided to fill a void(and hotel rooms) created by the lack of structure in the sport. We're a century removed from those days. The NCAA is in place now. It runs championships for EVERY OTHER sport it presides over.

Accept no more of the party line.
Accept no more excuses.

Occupy the BCS!

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Posted on: September 17, 2012 1:22 pm

How long do we let this go on?

As good as your assessment is, and the creative way you compare the bowl selection process to organized crime … I still think that any calls to “Occupy the BCS … and Demand a Playoff” are ultimately destined to be outright fruitless. It isn't that your points don't have merit, but more about the fact they are meaningless in an environment where money, advertising and collateral profits (hotel rooms etc …) have not only contributed to building up the fan base, but also are sustained through providing the consumer with what they ask for. Whenever you attempt to justify a regulation enforced acquiescence to a systemic loss of profits … even if it is a matter of decent principle ... you will obviously lose the support of those required to foot the bill.

The chance to correct this situation through popular objection on our part, and attempts to obstruct, boycott or generally hinder the process, would only have effect if it was properly supported by a considerably larger mass than you can assemble on a sports website. The reason for this being that the majority of people don't care if they get to watch the team that want to watch at the venues where they both desire and can afford to be. To turn a profitable process upside-down on its head in attempts to provide a process that involves more statistics, reorganization and development of rules … and all for the sake of fairness, with the distinct ability to reduce profits … is not rewarding for the business partners involved.

The only way this will ever change is from the inside, and with the proper application of leadership. Until then, the business partners involved have no desire to cut their … or their shareholder's throats … to better meet the concerns of a small fragment of their consumer base.

Still ... Good Job on your post ... Good Luck in Your Endeavors!

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